As you ascend the winding road on Silvermist estate, time seems to slow down. At each bend, as the city tilts away beneath you, you rise to new heights of quiet anticipation. There’s a reason you feel this way – you’re on top of a mountain and about to dine at the new incarnation of La Colombe, frequent contender on our Top 10 list and no stranger to S.Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants.



Working together with the best local farmers and the finest international suppliers, every ingredient is selected for seasonality, quality and flavour before entering the kitchen at Foxcroft. With a commitment to quality and flavour, our team of chefs believe in treating simple ingredients with the same care, attention and respect as those of rarity. We have created a dining experience that is casual, welcoming and carefully considered. 


RESTAURANT AT Le Quartier français


La Colombe is proud to announce that we will establish a new restaurant in place of “The Tasting Room” at Le Quartier Français in the second half of 2017.

The new restaurant, (as yet unnamed) will open in August 2017, after refurbishments during winter. 

Executive chef Margot Janse, who has been at the helm of The Tasting Room for the past 12 years, building it into one of the most celebrated restaurants in South Africa, announced her resignation recently. This new venture will complement La Colombe and be driven by celebrated chef Scot Kirton and head chef James Gaag.