La Colombe
La Colombe July 2017 by Claire Gunn print res (67).jpg


The service is impeccable with a kind of care that is infectious – nothing is lost in translation from the menu to the plate.
— Abigail Donnelly, Eat Out

Perhaps it’s to do with the location, a short distance from the bustling city, or the slow and steady drive up to the restaurant, perched on the side of a mountain, or maybe even the way soft, silvery light illuminates the space, but arrival at La Colombe is always punctuated by a sigh, as you breathe out and open yourself up to the experience.

The service here, ably led by front-of-house manager Jennifer Hugé, is all about sustaining that feeling – eagerness as each course arrives, the thrill of the first bite, but always with an underlying feeling of having all the time in the world, of being at your most relaxed and receptive to pleasure.

It is this team effort that made La Colombe the sure winner of the Eat Out Nespresso Service Excellence Award for 2016.