La Colombe's Scot Kirton named South Africa's top chef

“…now the hard work really begins!”

There is much excitement in the kitchen at La Colombe…merely a year after their epic relocation to the Silvermist Organic Wine Estate at Constantia Nek. The La Colombe team has been awarded one of the highest accolades at the Oscars of the South African restaurant industry – the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards. Scot Kirton has been recognized as South Africa’s Eat Out S. Pellegrino Chef of the Year, and La Colombe was announced as the #2 Restaurant of the year in SA, hot on the heels of The Test Kitchen.

Scot comments, “To be voted as SA’s top chef is clearly the highlight of my career right now, and my thanks goes to the talented and committed team at La Colombe. Our recent move to Silvermist was a bit stressful, but our investors committed to retaining the entire team, which was great. The results of all the hard work and mutual loyalty is now clear for all to see.“ says Scot.

Chief judge Abigail Donnelly was blown away by her experience at La Colombe: “Scot offers a unique dining experience that is simply outstanding. It’s also very special to see Scot’s sincere personality shine on the menu, on the plate, just everywhere. There’s a playfulness to his menu, especially in terms of presentation. Take the current signature dish, the seared tuna tataki served in a can, which also made an appearance on the menu at the Sunday lunch awards ceremony.”

Scot masterminds an extremely talented team, and is continually pushing the boundaries with a sense of calm skill, focus, dedication and passion. The food and wine pairings constructed together with the acclaimed La Colombe Restaurant Manager, Jennifer Hugé, are legendary; as they seamlessly combine aromas, flavours and textures to create exquisite visual masterpieces on the plate.

La Colombe’s French signature theme remains, however with a modern, fresh approach and subtle Asian influence. Scot creates modern food for the most discerning ‘foodies’ in search of an all-round dining experience, filled with imagination, faultless technique and perfected plating skills.

The relocation of the iconic brand and the accompanying pressure placed on the team at La Colombe, has brought them closer together, and they now function as a tight-knit family. “James Gaag, my head chef, is such a big part of what we do at La Colombe – I cannot think of a better chef to have next to me during the heat of service. And then there’s my pastry chef Glen Williams, who is one of the smartest and talented chefs I have ever worked with. We are absolutely over the moon to receive these prestigious awards in front of our industry peers, but now the hard work really begins.” concludes Scot with a smile.

La Colombe is open daily for lunch from 12H30 and dinner from 19H00.

For reservations, call +27 (0)21 795 0125.

La Colombe, Silvermist Wine Estate, Constantia Nek.




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