As much as you can do endless research into the best restaurants that a country offers, there’s nothing better than a recommendation from someone who you trust.

Ashleigh has become a firm friend during my first year of blogging and her blog Quintessentially Me is a fantastic source of information on travel, restaurants and clean eating. Ashleigh was born in Brighton but grew up in South Africa and was an absolute fount of knowledge while I was planning my trip. Her childhood best friend and fellow blogger, Sam is also a South African living in London. Though I’ve never met Sam, we share a huge passion for food and she was kind enough to write me an extensive list of foodie recommendations in and around Cape Town.

Ashleigh suggested that we try one of her favourite restaurants, La Colombe, once voted No.12 in the prestigious San Pellegrino Restaurant Awards. Actually it wasn’t only Ashleigh who recommended it, while we were in Cape Town, La Colombe was a name that kept coming up as a big favourite.

I made sure I booked well in advance for such a top notch restaurant and I was really looking forward to a spectacular lunch. However, on the day we ended up getting spectacularly lost and arriving nearly 40 minutes late, I was of course stressing about missing our reservation but the staff at La Colombe reassured me they wouldn’t give away our table and when we arrived they we so lovely and welcoming.

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